[LV] Remove unused AAResults argument


well, it is used… not contirbuted yet but used.
we use it to not remove predication in case of potential RAW that adds stalls in our target.
can it be reverted?

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The unused part referred to the code in the main llvm-project repository. AFAICT it is common practice to avoid unused arguments/members in the main llvm-project repo.

I might be missing something, but IMO if downstream code needs access to AAResults it would be better to add the code to thread it through downstream, rather than have an unused argument/member in upstream.

I have added the use but it means to change api and many changes to the original code.
Not sure how but if there could be away to add user hooks to add such uses it will help

llvm project policy is that we do not support downstream forks. If you make changes, you are responsible for maintaining them. We make changes upstream based on the upstream code (only).

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