Mac build documentation out-of-date


I’ve tried to build lldb from scratch for the first time and noticed the build documentation is quite out-of-date. says to build the top-level Xcode project (with Xcode4 no less!), which references files that do not exist.
docs/building-with-debug-llvm.txt refers to a scripts/ script that doesn’t exist

Instead, there’s a build-lldb-llvm-clang script and also a, neither of which is documented on the build.html website?

Building Xcode projects using CMake did work but the created Xcode project does not sign the binary, I had to do that by hand. (The codesigning docs still work!)

What’s the general idea? What is the recommended way to build lldb from Trunk at least on the Mac? If I knew, I might be able to fix the documentation.