Mac OS 10.9.5 startup error

Dear dev:

I’ve been trying to build llvm 2.9 for KLEE on my macbook, and am encountering the following error when I attempt to make:

llvm-2.9/include/llvm/ADT/IntervalMap.h:1973:32: error:
use ‘template’ keyword to treat ‘newNode’ as a dependent template name
Node[NewNode] = this->map->newNode();
1 error generated.

I saw something similar googling around for the error, it may be a disconnect between this version and OS 10.9.5. I can install 3.6 just fine with homebrew, but unfortunately KLEE only supports 2.9.

If this is a known and as-yet unresolved issue, just let me know and I’ll attempt to find an alternative solution.

Hayes Converse
University of Texas at Austin

LLVM 2.9 appears to have contained genuinely wrong C++, but it only
got diagnosed by more recent compilers. This particular one appears to
have been fixed on trunk in r152525, back in 2012. But we have no
intention of fixing 2.9 at this stage.

You should probably try asking on the klee mailing list (unless
someone lurking here knows too); it still seems to be somewhat active
and I expect there's a better repository lying around that does build
with modern compilers.