machine/endian.h problem in building llvm at HP-UX ia64 11.31

I’m trying to build llvm 3.7 at HP-UX ia64 11.31

I installed gcc4.7.1, python, and gmake with depot package

I followed instruction documented at

I succeeded following command:
$ …/llvm/configure

After that I used following command:
$ CFLAGS=-fpermissive gmake

With above command I got an error. Following is some part of the error:

In file included from …
llvm/include/Support/Host.h : fatal error : machine/endian.h No such file or directory

However machine/endian.h doesn’t exist at HP-UX. But my linux machine has that file.

Is there anybody who succeeded building llvm at HP-UX?

Should I write a code that has the same meaning as machine/endian.h?
Or is there any alternative header file?
Or can I get some other suggestions?

Jemin Kim