Machine Interface support in lldb


I am working on integrating lldb into eclipse IDE. Does lldb support machine interface similar to gdb/MI?

I googled but couldn’t find any reference on the same. Any pointers would be helpful.


Chandra Kumar R.

No, lldb does not support gdb/MI. lldb has a public C++ API which you could use to implement an eclipse plugin. That would likely be easier than trying to emulate the gdb/MI on top of the lldb API's.


It's probably worth mentioning that the Xcode IDE on Mac OS X uses lldb C++ API as its primary debugger. The lldb command line tool is also implemented in terms of this API.


Hi All

An MI Driver application has been written with a LLDB backend which can
work with Eclipse on Windows and Linux. It should work on Mac OSX but it
has not been tested. It is operational but still needs some work done to it
as some MI commands have either not been implemented or complete, but it
works enough to set up a target and debug using Eclipse. The source code
has been up streamed to the LLVM LLDB. Is you wish to see more go to