[MacOSX] make check failures


I built LLVM + Clang on Mac OS X and ran make check. I get the
following result summary:

Failing Tests (11):
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C++/dash-x.cpp
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C++/hello.cpp
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C++/just-compile.cpp
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C++/together.cpp
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C++/unknown_suffix.unk
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C/hello.c
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C/opt-test.c
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C/sink.c
    LLVM :: LLVMC/C/wall.c
    LLVM :: LLVMC/ObjC++/hello.mm
    LLVM :: LLVMC/ObjC/hello.m

  Expected Passes : 5548
  Expected Failures : 57
  Unsupported Tests : 12
  Unexpected Failures: 11

I see the error :

llc: <temp-filename>.bc: Unknown instruction for all the tests.

Are these failures known/expected? If not, am I doing something wrong?

A quick check appears to indicate that the failure is in



Known/expected. You can work around it by passing --without-llvm-gcc
--without-llvmgxx to configure. IIRC, Eric will be fixing the tests


Xcode comes with an old version of llvm-gcc that is picked up by LLVM's configure script. It's not compatible with LLVM trunk anymore. You can configure LLVM with "--without-llvmgcc --without-llvmgxx" to skip those tests.


LLVMC has been removed. I'm still working on removing the llvm-gcc dependencies out of the configure scripts.


BTW, should this be mentioned in release notes?

That's a good point. Very likely, yes.


It deserves a mention, yes. :slight_smile:


Small mention here: r140715