Mailing List Bounces

Myself and a few others have had repeated problems recently with llvm-commits either disabling or entirely removing our email subscriptions, complaining about excessive message bouncing.

Some people are on their own email servers, but others are on gmail/other big email providers.

I know there was a storage issue recently that included the llvm mailing list server, and I first saw this problem after the fix - I don't know if they are related though.

Has anyone else seen this?

Cheers, Simon.

Hi Simon,


There was a mailman configuration change during our efforts to stabilize the mail server that resulted in people being unsubscribed from llvm-commits as soon as any bounce occurred for their email address. I am very sorry for this situation and it has been reverted.

Some backstory on what was going on. The mailman server was using up disk space (for logs and queues) due to excessive bounces. We had over 4K email addresses subscribed (to a couple lists) that appeared to be fake or at least always bouncing. Mailman is configurable to remove an address after a certain number of bounces. So it will retry an email address for a bit based upon what you configure it to do before it removes the email address.

In addition to this, the amount of email traffic caused by bounces (or related to it) triggered many email servers to put us on a "naughty list”. So, that is why good email addresses may bounce and then if you have mailman configured to immediately unsubscribe, we had people get removed that should not have. As I said, we reverted this configuration change.

The mailman server is a current problem that we are working on a solution for. If anyone has mailman expertise and would like to join the conversation, please let me know!


Thank you very much for the update and working on addressing those issues!

For people who stopped receiving llvm-commits emails, unsubscribing & resubscribing might help to get back to receiving updates.