Mailman->Discourse Migration on February 1, 10am PST

LLVM Community,

As referenced in this blog post, we are getting close to the deadline for migration for some Mailman lists to Discourse. If you are receiving this email from a LLVM Mailman list, then this list will be migrating to Discourse on February 1st.

We have gone through several test runs and feel that we are ready to do the final migration on February 1st starting at 10 am PST. Once the migration begins, the impacted Mailman lists and Discourse will be read only until it has completed.

Here are the steps of the migration process on February 1st at 10 am PST:

  1. The Mailman lists that are migrating will be placed in “read-only” mode. No mail will be accepted to the list.

  2. Mailman will be shut down while the final archives are collected. We expect this downtime to be about 15 minutes.

  3. The mailman archives are sent to Discourse for migration (15-20 minutes for data transfer).

  4. The LLVM DIscourse is put into read-only mode. Given the size of our archives, we expect the import to take 5 hours.

  5. Sanity-checks will be made to ensure that everything looks as expected. We estimate this will take 1 hour or less.

  6. The LLVM Discourse will be opened up again with all the archives imported.

  7. We will post on Discourse about how things went and any next steps in the “Announcements” category.

We will use the Discourse Migration website to communicate where we are in the process.

We expect the LLVM Discourse to open by 5pm PST, but realize that even in the best plans, there may be unexpected situations that arise that cause the migration to take longer or possibly be stopped. If that occurs, we will evaluate the best course of action and communicate to the community as described above.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


As a reminder, this will be happening this morning.


Is there an open issue/task for updating all the places where the documentation talks about mailing lists?

There is no open issue. Just listed it in the ongoing clean up tasks in the post about Post Migration Information.

OK, I keep getting emails sent to me even though I have repeatedly gone through all my settings and turned off all email notifications. It appears to want to force me to read new topics by sending me email copies of those topics. This is a net negative factor in participating in this new site. Can anyone explain to me why it is sending me emails even though I’ve turned off email notifications in my preferences?

Can you confirm if both the “Email me when” options on are currently set to “Never”, the checkbox
under “Activity Summary” is unchecked, and you’ve pressed the “Save Changes” button at the bottom?

(I’m pretty sure that failing to press “Save Changes” button tricked me, before. The site doesn’t warn you if you navigate away from the preferences page without saving changes, so you think you already changed the settings, only to have the changes disappear and revert…)

Alternatively, every email it sends has an “Unsubscribe” link in the message, which will let you ask to be unsubscribed from everything.

Yep, those settings were already as you described, long ago. :)

I’ve used the links in the emails and verified when I got those emails that the settings were already as you describe (hence my confusion as to why I was getting the emails). Perhaps there’s some pipeline delay between changing the settings and whatever sends the emails getting it’s internal state updated.

FWIW, it seems to have stopped now.