make builds Release configuration by default


I’m installing LLVM under Debian Linux.

I’ve installed llvm-gcc3 binaries and am trying to build LLVM.

I run make command from llvmobjdir and it builds Release configuration. I didn’t set ENABLE_OPTIMIZED variable to 1 and I didn’t configure LLVM with --enable-optimized switch. What can cause building Release configuration and how can I switch to Debug one?



Release builds are the default if you're not working from a CVS source
(i.e. you unpacked a tarball for the source). If this is your
situation, you can override this default behavior by using the
--disable-optimized switch to the configure script.

The point of this was that most people wanting to just build and use
LLVM will want an optimized+assertions build as it is vastly smaller and
faster than a debug build. People that check out LLVM from CVS are
typically interested in modifying or developing LLVM so the default in
that situation is a debug build. Hope that makes sense to you.