'make check' broken?

I'm now getting this trying to 'make check' on llvm:

./bin/runtest 1 --ignore "llvm2cpp.exp ocaml.exp" )
WARNING: Couldn't find the global config file.

Illegal Argument "1"
try "runtest --help" for option list

Anyone else seeing this? I just did a full clean and rebuild and still get
the problem.


Ah, something changed in the Makefile. It now adds $(VERBOSE) as a runtest
argument. That seems wrong, since in Makefile.rules:

  C.Flags += -v
  CXX.Flags += -v
  LD.Flags += -v
  VERBOSE := 1

It seems the line in test/Makefile has been there for a while:

47602 ggreif ifdef VERBOSE
47602 ggreif RUNTESTFLAGS := $(VERBOSE)
47602 ggreif endif