make TEST=dbgopt donesn't work?


I’m following
to do the dbgopt testing. But seems, there is something wrong with the Makefile, it told me :

llvm-gcc sse.expandfft.c -g --emit-llvm -c -o Output/sse.expandfft.bc
llvm-gcc: sse.expandfft.c: No such file or directory
llvm-gcc: no input files

Am I missing something, like the configure option?

Are you able to run nightly test ?

Here is what I see…

$ make TEST=dbgopt
/Developer/usr/bin//llvm-gcc sse.expandfft.c -g --emit-llvm -c -o Output/sse.expandfft.bc
/Volumes/Nanpura/mainline/llvm/Debug/bin/opt Output/sse.expandfft.bc -strip-nondebug -strip-debug -std-compile-opts -strip -f -o Output/sse.expandfft.t.bc
/Volumes/Nanpura/mainline/llvm/Debug/bin/llvm-dis Output/sse.expandfft.t.bc -f -o Output/sse.expandfft.first.ll
/Volumes/Nanpura/mainline/llvm/Debug/bin/opt Output/sse.expandfft.bc -strip-nondebug -std-compile-opts -strip-debug -strip -f -o Output/sse.expandfft.t.bc
/Volumes/Nanpura/mainline/llvm/Debug/bin/llvm-dis Output/sse.expandfft.t.bc -f -o Output/sse.expandfft.second.ll
--------- TEST-PASS: sse.expandfft

This is a long-standing quirk of the test-suite Makefiles.

When you run the main llvm configure script, you need to have
an llvm-gcc in your path.

Building and testing llvm on a platform that doesn't already
have an llvm-gcc seems to require this sequence:
   build llvm
   build and install llvm-gcc
   rerun llvm's configure script, with llvm-gcc in PATH
   build test-suite