"make update" doesn't update tools/clang

When I set up my LLVM & clang trees, I followed the "getting started" instructions on the LLVM and clang pages, and placed llvm-test under llvm/projects and clang under tools/clang.

I've noticed that if I run "make update" from the object directory that I had initially run LLVM's configure from, it will update llvm-test, but not clang.

From browsing the Makefile, it appears that this is the result of "svn status" not printing anything out about tools/clang. I'm new to Subversion, so I'm not sure why it reports that projects/llvm-test is not under source control, but doesn't similarly report the same for llvm/clang.

I don't see anything in the bug database about this. I'm on Mac OS X 10.6 and using svn 1.6.3 if that could make any difference.

Has anybody else seen this and/or have a quick fix for it?


I'm also seeing this. The problem is that svn status yields a file before it says "? tools/clang". And trying to svn info that file we get an error and the script stops.