Makefiles get "dist" -- need your help!

I have committed changes to Makefile.rules (and others) that will assist
in building releases or distributions. The new "dist" target will first
perform a "make check" to ensure that all the software builds and that
basic sanity checks pass (none have been implemented). If that succeeds,
then the directory structure is traversed again for the "distdir" target
which copies the distributable sources to a directory in your
BUILD_OBJ_ROOT. When that process is complete, the directory is tar'ed
and zipped. For the most part, Makefile.rules figures out what is
distributable in the same way that it knows what sources to build.
However, there are certain things that just don't fit the pattern. This
is the part where you come in.

There's a new user level make variable named EXTRA_DIST that allows you
to specify additional files that should be distributable. Makefile.rules
already takes care of source files, Makefiles, CREDITS.TXT, LICENSE.TXT,
and other common documentation files. However, it can't know about
everything. So, using EXTRA_DIST tells the makefile system which of the
non-conforming extra files in a directory should also be distributed.

I would appreciate it if sometime before mid-November you could review
the directories you're working on and add, if necessary, any EXTRA_DIST
specifications that are needed for your directory. This will ensure a
smoother release process as 1.4 nears.

For examples, see the llvm/Makefile or llvm/utils/Makefile which have
already had their EXTRA_DIST variables set.

If you really like to burn CPU cycles, go ahead and try "dist" :slight_smile:

Coming soon: dist-check (build a dist tarball and then check that the
distribution tarball can be built and checked).