Making Clang support UTF-16 input?

When trying out the new LLVM Visual Studio integration extension [1]
that now supports VS 2017, we learned that at some point, VS changed

the editor to encode new project files as utf-16 by default [2].

The editor is not doing much in this case, as far as I can see. When creating a new project VS uses project templates, they contain those files pch.h and main.cpp pch.cpp etc in UTF-16, it’s those templates that have the problem.

Apparently someones’ editor saved them to UTF-16 at some point (15.4), after which this problem has arisen. If I add a new source file by choosing add new item from solution explorer it creates an ansi file (with CF/LF line-endings), not UTF-16 (at least on my machine).

It also seems from the comments on that bug-report being presented as a feature that not many peops are happy with it. Some comment states:

UTF-16 doesn’t work well with most compilers, especially cross platform.
UTF-16 doesn’t work well with SVN.
UTF-16 doesn’t work well with GIT.

someone else notes clang-tidy would need to change as well.

which seem good enough reasons for MS to me to revert it (i.e. re-save the files in the templates as ansi files, and problem is gone).

To summarize, I would not change clang.


What you say makes sense. I won't worry about it, then.