malloc of 1 used as 8

In IRInterpreter.cpp, memory class there's this code:

Region Malloc (size_t size, size_t align)
lldb::DataBufferSP data(new lldb_private::DataBufferHeap(size, 0));

m_memory.push_back(AllocationSP(new Allocation(base, size, data)));

AllocationSP alloc = m_memory[index];

alloc->m_origin.GetScalar() = (unsigned long long)data->GetBytes();

This last statement presumes that that there's at least sizeof(unsigned long long), but this code also gets triggered for booleans (1 byte), in which case size is 1.

This works:

lldb::DataBufferSP data(new lldb_private::DataBufferHeap(size < 8 ? 8 : size, 0));

But I'm not sure if it's the right fix.

Visual Studio freaks out when things write outside the bounds that were allocated.