Managing buildbots through the Web UI

I was under the impression that all I need to do in order to be able to perform management tasks on the buildbots through the Web UI is to be logged into GitHub with the same email as is listed for the buildbot admin.

I just tried that for and I am not able to cancel the queue nor cancel the current build. When I try to do the former, it doesn’t give me any output but doesn’t cancel the queue. When I try to do the latter, it gives me the following message:

Cannot Stop: you need to have role ‘worker-owner’
How do I ensure I have that role?

Another strange thing is that the above mentioned buildbot seems to wait a very long time (10-15 minutes) between when it finishes one build and when it starts the next. Considering that builds on that bot take less than 10 minutes, that wait time means that the bot spend more than half its time waiting rather than doing anything useful even though it has a lengthy queue of requested builds.

Rights to do actions are listed in
The role you are in is determined by github: I don't know how the "owner" and
"worker-owner" are determined, but I can stop build from by own
workers (But ironically, I am not allowed to control the worker
itself, e.g. pause it). In a previous exchange Galina mentioned that
the email in the worker's info/admin file must match the primary
GitHub email.


OK, but how do I become a member of the respective team?
When I click on that link, it tells me that I am not a member of any team.

Hi Nemanja,

If you have LLVM commit access, you are a member of the “LLVM Committers” team, and should be able to force a build or rebuild when you are logged in. If this is the case, please ping me and we could troubleshoot the issue from the both ends.

To be able to cancel the queue, do actions affecting multiple builds, or cancel a build which is owned by somebody else on that buildbot-worker you should be logged in as, which, I assume, is not your case.

If you do not have LLVM commit access, please follow the

Hope this helps.