mapping a returned struct (from IR) to std::vector<GenericValue>

Hi all,

I’m working on a run time that allows you to run code on the fly. My language allows users to define custom structs.

Once I have generated a func that returns a struct, I would like to map the function result back to a std::vector to be used in the c++ part. For normal return types (char, ints, double) its easy to cast to their function pointer and execute and wrap the results.

// for double f();
auto func = (double (*f)()) engine->getFunctionAddress(“f”);

double result = func();

// how to do this for exampleStruct {double, double}, where example struct is defined by the user

// exampleStruct f();

// we can’t do auto func = (exampleStruct (*f)()) engine->getFunctionAddress(“f”);

// since example struct is defined by the user inside the runtime/interpreter


How can I cast a function that returns a user defined struct ? I know the layout of the struct, but the struct layout might be different in the IR vs C++? I know I could alloc memory in the func and return a ptr to a struct (returned as void* ), and use that as an offset to read the struct values, but I would like to avoid using a ptr in this case. What would be the right approach in ths case?

I tried to look into t he executionengine::runFunction but, they are incomplete.

I’m using llvm 3.7 btw.

Hi Koffie,

Casting is out, as you noted, since the struct is user defined. I think using a pointer to the struct is your only option.

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