Marking machineinstructions that are spills generated by register allocation

Our TCE backend (which is not in the official llvm repo) benefits greatly from information that which memory load/store is a spill generated by register allocation.

These spill memory operation can never alias with other memory operations, and our own instruction scheduler can optimize much better with better alias information.

I have created a code which adds marking these spill instructions to the register allocators of llvm.

In my implementation spills are marked into spill Machine instructions with MIFlag, adding there a flag bit for spills
(currently there is only one flag bit, "FrameSetup" which is only used by x86 backend)

My implementation requires just one 9-line function to VirtRegMap class,
and a single call to that function in all register allocators.

Does this sound reasonable/is there hope of getting this patch through to llvm 3.0 even though currently it only helps only one "unofficial" backend?

This spill marking information might have also some other uses on some other backends and might also help debugging.

And if it should be done differently, how? By adding some command line/configuration option which controls whether the marking is done or not?

Should I just send my patch to llvm-commtis as it is now?

This information is available from the instruction’s memory operands.

See EmitComments() in lib/CodeGen/AsmPrinter/AsmPrinter.cpp.