matcher for obj-c variable declarations.

Hi to everyone!

I’m new to clang and libtooling, and I’m making some cheker tool that emits a error if any obj-c variable declaration doesn’t have nullability specifier.

I have code like this

A* a = [[A alloc] init];
B* _Null_unspecified b = [[B alloc] init];
C* _Nullable c = [[C alloc] init];
D* _Nonnull d = [[D alloc] init];

Now, I want to create a matcher to match variables declaration.

Currently I have something like this:
StatementMatcher NullUnspecifiedMatcher =

There is objcObjectPointerType() but it matches only a (is it a bug?). There are some pointers/references matchers, but they don’t work on those variable declarations at all. Also, I tried isAnyPointer() but it works on any pointer, obj-c or not.

I tried type() to ensure, that I’m doing everything correctly, and it works.

So, how can I match only obj-c variable declarations, with or without nullability specifier?

Thanks for any help!

cfe-dev was wrong list may be?