May I ship (redistribute) the LLVM Clang compiler with my application?

Dear LLVM community!
I’m new to the community, thank you for the community membership acceptance!
I’m used to developing some apps in C/C++ with GNU GCC (and Windows’ port, minGW), and, as far as I know, your LLVM Clang compiler is rather similar (in usage) to the minGW. I have downloaded it recently on my Windows computer, used “clang” instead of “g++” foa a simple C++ app, and it worked. Of course, things are not that simple for an entire application.
I’m creating an application that needs a compiler in order to run, since its structure (topology) is dynamic (parts are user-defined during program execution).
Therefore, my topic is a rather simple one, and I’m sure you can give me an answer:

  • may I ship the LLVM Clang compiler/toolchain within my C++ application (probably created with an IDE, possibly with another compiler (not decided yet)) ?

To further explain: I’m creating an app (.exe) which includes a GUI and performs things, such as simulation. But, for user-defined components (typically, console interfacing with the user), he/she will need to define either a function or a class… Thereby requiring the presence of a compiler / toolchain on his/her computer → otherwise the functionality will not work (the structure, or topology, must be dynamic - here I mean, not OOP only (e.g., selecting from a limited number of classes to create objects), since the user is supposed to define his/her own class at runtime - during program execution/usage). The structure should be dynamic (and fast - otherwise I would have tried Python).
The portions of C/C++ code that the user might create (or the application will automatically generate for him/her) will be compiled either to .dll (then, attached to my shipped large .exe), or to a standalone (small) executable → to perform the program’s task, i.e. to simulate a process.
I know that LLVM Clang (C++) compiler, as toolchain for Windows, is a free tool. But, may I ship / distribute it together with my app (within a subfolder of my app) ? I’m not very accustomed to reading software licenses, to be honest (portions of the clauses I might not fully comprehend (what I may, what I may not)). However, from what I have read so far on your website, I found that the rather permissive license would practically allow me to do that (to ship/redistribute the Clang C++ compiler). This is what sets you apart (in a far better way) than other compilers (if I understood correctly, reading the license section of the compiler/toolchain).
Essentially, the (main) app I’m shipping (which may be built with Intel C++ or not - I do not know now at this point) should remain closed – source, because there will be some IP associated with the tool I’m developing. This app will create the .cpp codes that the user, at a push of a button, will trigger, under the hood, the compiler/toolchain invoking, in order to obtain:

  • either a .dll to be attached to the shipped .exe,
  • or a standalone executable, that will be run as an external process by the shipped (application) .exe.

Of course, I can mention that parts of the software tool I’m creating are built using LLVM Clang C/C++ compiler → in the readme.txt file, also in the Help/About, in the documentation etc.
Hence, under these conditions, may I ship the LLVM Clang C++ compiler with my application, as a subfolder of the installation folder ?
Thank you for your answer and your support!
P.S. As I’m new to your forum and community, please accept my apologies for potentially having post the question/topic on a wrong category.

Maybe this page helps you:

Thank you for your answer!
I think it’s pretty clear, LLVM can be shipped (distributed) freely, provided the few conditions are met (copyright notice, not using the LLVM names for promoting other products (*) → those mentioned in the link you provided). Also, the other link found on the page whose link you sent me:
seems equally permissive, I am confident that LLVM toolchain is the correct choice for my app!

(*) I think I may consider that writing in the Help/About dialog box (and in the documentation) that my product (software tool) was created using LLVM (or a similar statement), together with mentioning the LLVM copyright notice, does not constitute a way of promoting my product. It’s merely acknowledging the fact that I use the free LLVM compiler/toolchain, and therefore I understand it as a simple compliance to the LLVM license (not a way of promoting my product).
This may be somewhat debatable, I am not a lawyer but I think it cannot be interpreted as promoting my product.
Thank you!