MC ARM ELF local common variable alignment.

Hi all,

I noticed that the static local variable(internal global in .bc) is
not aligned in ARM ELF(use MC(-filetype=obj)).
Then I found that the alignment information is lost at:
    if (MAI->hasLCOMMDirective()) {
      // .lcomm _foo, 42
      OutStreamer.EmitLocalCommonSymbol(GVSym, Size);

MCStreamer::EmitLocalCommonSymbol have no parameter about alignment.

Is this issue will cause some problem?

The original c code:
#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
    static char a;
    static long long b;
    static long long c;


Can you please file a bug and Cc me directly on it?
I’ll go take a look soon.


Already filed; .