MC-JIT Patches 1/3

I have cleaned up the code somewhat that Olivier wrote and split up the patch into three pieces. This first is to make the MCJIT not have to initialize all asm printers, but only the native one.

- Jan

0018_nativeasmprinterinit.patch (12.7 KB)

Hi Jan,

Applied with edits in r109996, thanks!

I wasn't happy about the change to add "Target" everywhere -- I just
added a local hack in TargetSelect.h to workaround this. We should
really change the definition of LLVM_NATIVE_TARGET, but I am not in a
configure hacking mood.

- Daniel

Thanks! I agree, it would have been nice to have only the target name in
I did not know how to do that and keeping the names somewhat consistent seemed
like the next best option.

- Jan