MC: Object file specific parsing

Hi Daniel,

attached is a patch that pushes most of the object file specific parsing
out of AsmParser and down into MachOAsmParser. This was done as a
cleanup for the ELF work. I know that you're not happy with this
approach, particularly the fact that as we add more object file formats
and assembler dialects, it's going to cause a class explosion. But I was
hoping that we could use this as a foundation for further discussion.

Is there anything else about this patch that you don't like, or anything
that you think could be done better? What approach would you recommend
for solving this problem?

Does anyone have any comments on this?

Hi Matt,

After looking at this again I don't think this approach is really
tenable. I'm going to start hacking on an alternate approach, which
should end up with the same result. Please ping me again if you don't
hear anything in a day or two.

- Daniel


Ping = repost to thread if no feedback given below criteria

Heh, I think you misunderstood my reply :wink:

I understand what 'ping' means, I was simply asking Daniel if he has had
chance to deal with this yet.

Daniel was out on vacation last week but should be back tomorrow. It's probably best to pin him down on irc, he's ddunbar there :slight_smile:


LOL? Sorry mate, you just never know... Hope your not offended


Hey Matt,

I have a patch sequence which should accomplish the same thing coming
in now. There are still some Darwin specific bits left in AsmParser,
but most of the stuff is now moved out to an extension class, and I
added a basic ELF extension class as well. Please let me know if you
see any problems with this approach.

- Daniel

Daniel, this looks like excellent work! Thanks a lot. I'll start moving
the parsing stuff from my git repository into trunk now that we have a
way to do ELF-specific things. Agreeing upon a way to implement this was
a major blocker in getting some of the ELF patches merged.