MCJIT Tutorial on ARM

Hi All,

I filed a bug report ( for
the MCJIT on ARM. Basically, the MCJIT works correctly when invoked
from lli but not from the Kaleidoscope/MCJIT tutorial (unless it's
silently falling back to interpreter mode in lli). Since I'm using the
tutorial as a guide for the minimal amount of glue code to get the
MCJIT embedded in a project, this is kind of a blocker for me and I
was wondering if someone with knowledge of the MCJIT could point out
where the discrepancy is occurring. I could submit a patched version
of the tutorial if someone could help me get it working on the trunk.


Hi JM,

I noticed that Renato commented on the PR you filed. I suspect he has correctly identified and fixed the issue. Is this working for you on top-of-tree?