MCJIT with LLVM >= 5.0 on Windows 64


I am using the Faust language which leverages LLVM’s MCJIT for code generation (

There are some problems[1] when generating code and executing it afterwards on Windows with a MSVC “host” (that is, LLVM itself and the software it is used in are built with MSVC).

It works fine when building LLVM / Faust with Mingw.

On MSVC the code is generated with x86_64-pc-windows-msvc-elf as target triple, but there are crashes as soon as this code is executed.

Relevant LLVM usage in Faust is here:

I also found this topic which could be relevant, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to tell :!topic/llvm-dev/mfbmC5o09CY


Hi Jean-Michaël,

Is this a regression from previous versions of LLVM? Or had you always been using Mingw previously?