Does anyone know which projects rely on mcjit?

There is the oldjit too; it's still being used?



There is the oldjit too; it's still being used?

  Our project still use old jit since mcjit is not so reliable.


The most prominent user of the MC JIT is probably LLDB.

The only issue with MCJIT I know of is the lack of windows support, and I expect oldjit to go away once that is sorted out. Switching between the JIT implementations is really trivial and transparent, if you don't have to support windows it's worth a try.

- Ben

MCJIT also doesn't yet support lazy compilation. That's not a big problem to add; it's just not been necessary for anyone yet.


I would not say it is trivial, having done it myself.

MCJIT also doesn't support multiple modules, and it does not do JITing on demand, instead, it does all of it at the same time in the constructor (unless that is what you call "not lazy").
So depending on how you've written your code there is some significant reshuffling to do to, to move the creation of the ExecutionEngine to the end, and possibly add ExecutionEngines.