Member expression and typedef

This patch fixes a problem in CodeGen with member expression and typedef.

typedef struct { int i; } Value;
typedef Value *PValue;

int get_value(PValue v) {
  return v->i;

By the way, is cfe-dev correct list for sending patches like these, or
do you prefer cfe-commits list?

codegen-typedef (1.04 KB)

Annyeong haseyo Seo,

In the clang world, just about everyone is subscribed to both lists, so it doesn't really matter :).

In the llvm llvmdev and llvm-commits list, a lot more people are subscribed to llvmdev than -commits. The defacto behavior has been to have higher level discussions on the llvmdev list and detailed bug/patch discussions on llvm-commits.

That said, I read both list (well, all of them), so I don't personally care :slight_smile:


Applied, thanks!