memset and _Znaj and fast-isel

void func() {
   int * buckets = new int[111] () ;
   delete [] buckets;

When compiling this with -O0 and fast-isel, I don't support calls to intrinsics yet in mips fast-isel so it starts to compile
the block and generates the call to new (_Znaj) and then while generating the call to memset, it switches back to non fast-isel
but then generates incorrect code for that.

I notice that the other ports all generate code for intrinsic memset.
It's not much for me to add this but was wondering if fast-isel will not work if you don't.

Just wondering if there is some special issue here.



Turned out to be a careless mistake on my part.

Oh, well...

This patch was not pushed yet and was in testing so nothing harmed.