Merging problem


I merged my test commit successfully. (./utils/release/ --proj llvm --rev 46043 -srcdir …/llvm/) … D46043 as “Merging r46043”

But I have issues with other patch -

I ran
./utils/release/ --proj llvm --rev 45418 -srcdir …/llvm/

Updating tree

Updating ‘.’:
At revision 330799.

Merging r45418 into llvm locally

— Merging (from foreign repository) r45418 into ‘.’:
C lib/Archive
C lib/Analysis/ProfileInfoLoader.cpp

It seems It tries to download the r45418 which is wrong, that is not mine. Any advice?

The script is used to merge SVN commits to the release branch.

It sounds like what you want to do is commit patches from Phabricator
to trunk? If that's the case, see

Thanks, arc solved it :slight_smile: