Mesa 18 does not build with llvm svn

Hi there,

to get a laptop with recent AMD Vega mobile GPU (aka Raven Ridge)
running with hardware acceleration I need to build the latest mesa with
the latest llvm.

I downloaded llvm 7 from svn.

Unfortunately, when trying to build mesa 18.0.rc3 with this llvm version
the make process fails with lot of "undefined reference to
LLVMxyzblahblah" messages.

Llvm 5.x is probably not sufficient for my purpose, I need llvm => 6.

Now I wonder, in the svn llvm version is 7. But on the download web site
the latest stable version is 5.x.

Is there no stable version 6?


Hi Malte,

LLVM 6 has not been released yet, but is scheduled for the end of
February/beginning of March.

There are pre-releases at, but no
binaries yet. I plan to release Release Candidate 2 this week, and
then we'll get binaries too.


Hi Malte,

you may have already learned this elsewhere, but the general rule is that LLVM is not backwards compatible, and so Mesa will only build with release versions of LLVM that existed when that version of Mesa was released.

LLVM trunk will generally only work with Mesa master.

It is unfortunately a bit of a pain during development sometimes, and I do wish LLVM was better at keeping old interfaces around a little bit longer with deprecation warnings for such use cases, but oh well.