[meta] Contentious Decision Making Process

As part of trying to work through the contentious decision making process, I’ve encountered what seems to be a contradiction in the procedure.

Step 3 says

A group of either 2 or 4 community members are selected as “Review Managers” to help with the review, aiming to be representative of both sides of an issue.

Which seems reasonable in and of itself. But step 7 says

The review managers are responsible for facilitating and moderating the discussion - helping to keep the discussion on-topic and civil, without trying to overtly influence the discussion.

How would one represent one side of an issue without influencing the discussion? Is this an issue with the process that should be addressed?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t necessarily see a contradiction here, the managers are “facilitating and moderating the discussion” and they should not try to overtly influence the discussion while acting in this capacity.
That does not mean they can’t express their opinion otherwise or represent the issue as they see it when they summarize the community discussion.