MicroBlaze Backend

I have been working on a LLVM backend for the MicroBlaze (MicroBlaze - Wikipedia) soft-processor. At this point the backend is partially functional but by no means complete. I was curious as to wether the LLVM developers would prefer to merge the backend into the main tree now and then accept patches on the backend until it was fully functional or if they prefer to wait on merging the MicroBlaze backend until it was fully functional.

If interested, you can view source to the MicroBlaze backend here: http://git.wesleypeck.com/projects/llvm/repos/peckw/trees/master/lib/Target/MicroBlaze

Hi Westley,

As long as you are committed to maintaining it, I don't see a problem with merging it into the main tree. I haven't looked at the code, but it will need the follow the normal coding standards, have some testcases, etc before it goes in. It does not need to be 100% complete though.

Many people are on vacation right now, but the first step is to post your patch and get the code reviewed.