MingGW32 and MinGW64 builds (Windows) fail


I tried to do a build with CMake, Ninja, and MinGW32 and MinG64 respectively:

MinGW32 failed on an missing sys/mman.h (POSIX-specific header):

D:/test/llvm-trunk/projects/compiler-rt/lib/enable_execute_stack.c:13:22: fatal error: sys/mman.h: No such file or directory
#include <sys/mman.h>

MinGW64 failed on an #error directive:

D:/test/llvm-trunk/projects/compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_value.h:20:2: error: #error “UBSan not supported for this platform!”
#error “UBSan not supported for this platform!”

Are these going to be fixed or should we consider MinGW unsupported for the time being?


Hi Mikael!