MinGW + Clang + Emscripten integration to Visual Studio 2010.


I was recently introduced to the Emscripten project
https://github.com/kripken/emscripten , which utilizes Clang to
compile C++ code to JavaScript. Being most productive on Visual
Studio, I wanted to use Emscripten through Visual Studio, but such
integration was not available before (other than using custom build
tasks option). There exists an excellent piece of code written by
Gavin Pugh GitHub - gavinpugh/vs-android: Integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software with Microsoft Visual Studio. , which integrates
Android development to VS. I adapted that plugin to work with Clang
and Emscripten, and the result is vs-tool, a plugin that integrates
external compilers/linkers to Visual Studio.

The property pages for Visual Studio projects have been adapted to
show Clang compiler options:

As a test of how extensible this method of integration is, I also
added support for MinGW as well:

And finally, invoking Emscripten from Visual Studio:

Find vs-tool here: GitHub - juj/vs-tool: Visual Studio 2010 plugin to integrate MinGW, Clang and Emscripten to the VS IDE. . It's currently in
a very experimental test stage, and manual configuration/tweaking is
to be expected. Installation involves copying new files into the
MSBuild toolset directory.

I hope people using Visual Studio find this tool useful.

Best Regards,