Minix support in googletest

Hi Kees,

You added some support for Minix to LLVM's copy of googletest:

Is it still being used? If so, would you mind pushing these patches
upstream to the googletest project:

Otherwise we may drop them, because it makes it harder to import new
releases of googletest into the LLVM repository.


Hello Jay,

At the time I submitted those patches I also submitted them to googletest. As far as I know they got accepted, although I didn't verify that.

I am no longer working on the Minix project, but since the Minix project is most definitely using llvm, I am cc:-ing this to the Minix developers mailing list. Perhaps they want to respond to this.


Jay - and Kees -, thank you for notifying us of this move. Yes, as
Kees wrote we certainly are using llvm/gtest, but are prepared to
submit our changes to gtest directly if they haven't taken them
yet. I'll take it up with my GSOC student, who is working on
submitting many other minix-specific patches to maintainers of
packages in our third-party package repository.


OK, I see from this thread:

... that rather than add explicit support for Minix, they suggested
that you build with CPPFLAGS="-DGTEST_HAS_POSIX_REGEX=1
-DGTEST_HAS_STD_WSTRING=0". I'm not sure what (if anything) we have to
do in LLVM to support that.