Minor correction to the Visual Studio documentation/Windows support in general

the problem is that very few LLVM developers use or know anything about Windows.
The only way for this to change is for people who do know and care about Windows
to step forward, work on improving Windows support, and contribute their Windows
viewpoint to design discussions etc.

As it is now, Windows users will quite likely drop LLVM because of the somewhat immature Windows support. I know, I did for a year or two. Now the support is mature enough that I dare try it out for real. Therefore I suggest that you make it a point to always release adequate Windows binaries and documentation whenever a new release of LLVM is made. I’m referring to the v3.0 release, which had no Windows binaries.

I think that is going to change as the Windows support matures. For now, I’d like to volunteer to help out as a Windows evangelist (ouch, that sounds so Microsofty). If you need help building LLVM on Windows or help to keep the Windows documentation up-to-date, please feel free to call on me. Right now I cannot commit to so much in terms of coding, except, perhaps helping on the llvm-ar project, but I might one day be able to contribute substantial hours. I have good knowledge of Windows NT as I have used it since 1994. Also, I have worked as a build master once. I do have equipment enough that I can set up a dedicated, albeit slow, Windows build server to do daily builds or whatever might be needed.

One project I’d like to complete pretty soon is to go through the build instructions, for mingw32, and see if I can’t somehow create a mingw64 build. I believe the 32-bit platform is dying by the hour so I’m rather eager to have a mingw64 version of LLVM/Clang. Also, I’d love to make a .tool to automatically retrieve and build LLVM and Clang from the rather large set of 3rd party tools that are needed to build it. Whether this is useful or not, I still don’t know because I haven’t been through the actual process of building the mingw32 version of LLVM/Clang myself. I was so fortunate that I discovered the Windows release in v3.1 and quickly grabbed it and tried it out. And it seems to run very well so far.


The best thing you can probably do is setup a buildbot slave, so that
developers will actually become aware when their changes break



You mean a mingw64 buildbot slave? That sounds like a great project. I’ll try and see how far I get before I have to call for help (have some other stuff to finish up also, so please give me a week or two). It appears there’s already a mingw32 buildbot slave:



2012/5/24 Dirkjan Ochtman <dirkjan@ochtman.nl>

Mingw32 is pretty painless. Mingw-w64 I think can work -- I ran thru it last weekend
but had issues and couldn't complete (died on llvm-config.exe). Was able to get a
LLVM-3.1svn.dll for w64 that seemed to be okay.