MIPS Backend Code Owner


Almost ten years and 1273 commits ago I started to work on LLVM project. The last four years I was a code owner of MIPS backend. It was a nice time and nice tasks.

To be short. Right now, I’m in process of relocating my family and me from Russia because I do not want to have any relation to the war which my country started against Ukraine. Unfortunately, even the relocation to other country does not remove the blame for the war but it’s a separate story.

Maybe in the future I will be able to return to LLVM. But now I do not have a time for code review, bug fixing and other activity. Sorry. To indicate that I removed myself from the CODE_OWNERS.TXT.

Good luck.


I am really really sorry to hear that. Is there a natural successor you would recommend for MIPS code owner?


Thanks Chris.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anybody. As far as I know, all my former colleagues are unrelated to MIPS now.

I am very sorry to hear about this.

I am from CIP United Inc, which holds the business of MIPS in China.
We are trying our best to take care the ecosystem of MIPS.

Sorry to hear that @atanasyan, I hope your relocation goes well.

I haven’t worked on the MIPS back end for a few years but I probably still remember the code structure moderately well. If there are contributions in need of review, please feel free to tag me top help out until there’s a new code owner.

@davidchisnall Thanks a lot.

FWIW, I have set up a buildbot for mips64el a few days, see:


Unfortunately, it currently fails because I don’t know how to configure compiler-rt to target the default architecture only - the corresponding option COMPILER_RT_DEFAULT_TARGET_ONLY seems to be broken.