Mips nomicromips?


I've decided to switch from the NetBSD standard library to the musl library
(http://www.etalabs.net/musl/) for my ELLCC (http://ellcc.org) cross compiler
project. During my musl feasability study I made a Mips port of musl. A day or
two ago, just to make things interesting, I updated to the LLVM TOT (r158294).

I started getting assembler warnings about ".set nomicromips".

I'm running a fairly recent binutils (2.21.1).

My questions are:
  1. Does the code generator really need to output ".set nomicromips"?
  2. Does a more recent version of binutils understand it?


I will take that out of the current llvm compiler. It's not really necessary right now.

Some more recent toolchains have that but it's possible that it has not even been pushed back into
open source. If you download the CodeSourcery toolchain for Mips, it will probably have that
pseudo op.