Mir-opt -test-linalg-codegen-strategy pass not found

Hi, I try to reproduce the matmul cpu kernel codegen process metioned in this

However mlir-opt give the error no such command. It seems the this pass has been removed, but I can’t find a method replacing it. There are many cases like that. MLIR API is changing very fast. To the beginner who want to learn from this forum, is there any way to quickly view the change of a specific api?

Hello @feiyulv

This particular path is now deprecated in favor of much more declarative transform-dialect based pipelines.

I have started this post and a place to commonalize experiments answering such questions in PSA: Status of end-to-end Structured Codegen on Tensors and Declarative Pipelines.

There is a simple matmul example in there that we can evolve towards reproducing that strategy.

@nicolasvasilache Thank you for your reply. The transform-dialect is kind of like the tvm schedule. Will this dialect replace the traditional pass pipelines in future?