Missed email notifications

It looks like email notifications were down for some time? I missed some messages in my GSoC thread (Implement support for C++17 structured bindings in the Clang Static Analyzer - #12 by phyBrackets) even though I’m not only subscribed but also directly @mentioned in the messages. The first message I missed is the one from Mar.23 and I haven’t had any notifications since so I’m not sure the problem fixed itself.

Email notifications aren’t broken – at least not in general – I’ve received them for the messages in your thread, and others. Have you checked your spam folder? I suspect you’ll find your missing messages there (In which case I’d suggest to press the “mark as not spam” button, to help train it for future messages)

Note that the Mar 23rd message on that thread would’ve been the first one that comes from the new sender email address, per the announcement, which could trip up spam filters.

Yupp, they’re in spam. I checked them in Thunderbird but it looks like it didn’t update the spam IMAP folder from gmail for some reason. Thanks.