Missing lvalue to rvalue in delete argument

The following typescript shows that:

1) we have a wrong cast NoOp kind in void * cast of delete argument
2) we miss the lvalue to rvalue cast for delete argument

I you confirm that this is not intended I'll proceed to fix that.

$ cat w.cc
void f(void *) {
  int *a = new int;
  delete a;
abramo@igor:~$ _clang++ -cc1 -ast-dump w.cc
typedef char *__builtin_va_list;
void f(void *) (CompoundStmt 0xc4b0658 <w.cc:1:16, line:5:1>
  (DeclStmt 0xc4b0530 <line:2:3, col:19>
    0xc4b00c0 "int *a =
      (CXXNewExpr 0xc4b04f8 <col:12, col:16> 'int *')")
  (CallExpr 0xc4b05d8 <line:3:3, col:6> 'void'
    (ImplicitCastExpr 0xc4b05c8 <col:3> 'void (*)(void *)'
      (DeclRefExpr 0xc4b058c <col:3> 'void (void *)' lvalue Function
0xc4b0030 'f' 'void (void *)'))
    (ImplicitCastExpr 0xc4b0608 <col:5> 'void *' <BitCast>
      (ImplicitCastExpr 0xc4b05f8 <col:5> 'int *' <LValueToRValue>
        (DeclRefExpr 0xc4b0574 <col:5> 'int *' lvalue Var 0xc4b00c0 'a'
'int *'))))
  (CXXDeleteExpr 0xc4b0640 <line:4:3, col:10> 'void'
    (ImplicitCastExpr 0xc4b0630 <col:10> 'void *' <NoOp>
      (DeclRefExpr 0xc4b0614 <col:10> 'int *' lvalue Var 0xc4b00c0 'a'
'int *'))))

void *operator new(unsigned int) throw(std::bad_alloc);
void *operator new[](unsigned int) throw(std::bad_alloc);
void operator delete(void *) throw();
void operator delete[](void *) throw();

On a second thinking I've concluded it is an obvious bug.

Fixed in r144796.