Missing Makefile.common


I just checked out r113084 with a view to making progress on Linux builds, but am falling at the first hurdle:

$ make

Makefile:29: …/…/Makefile.common: No such file or directory

make: *** No rule to make target `…/…/Makefile.common’. Stop.

Did somebody perhaps forget to do an “svn add”?

Thanks, Shaheed

Make sure that you check out llvm first, and then checkout LLDB to llvm_trunk/tools/lldb

Bill Lynch

Ah, that worked a bit better ;-).

I fixed a couple of very obvious APPLE -isms and minor platform-specific header file changes, but now seem to be heading into something more substantial such as broken #includes in ASTResultSynthesizer. This does not seem to be Linux-specific, so I’m now wondering if I’ve cught the tree mid-reorg?