Missing Makefile.common


I joined to say the exact same thing. I’ve just discovered the lldb project - I’ve been using LLVM in my own compiler architecture for some time now and want to give back to the LLVM community - linux support for LLDB seemed something that I could help with and would benefit others.

But I have the same problems s Shaheed - Apple-isms and broken includes (specifically #include “lldb-private.h”, which is liberally used, and should be #include “lldb/lldb-private.h”).

Are these includes also broken for the mac builds, or does the XCode project file you all use add include/lldb to the -I list as well as just plain include/ ?

I’m more than happy to help in the effort to get linux support working fully (aside from my own greedy wants of an LLVM-based debugger for my own language), but am loath to fix bugs that aren’t really bugs at all or have been fixed already.