Missing Static Analyzer rule descriptions

Dear Clang developers,

I have been trying to find some descriptions of the Static Analyzer rules used by the Clang-tidy. Although I’ve managed to find for several of them, there are still some for which I haven’t. I have already searched on the clang-analyzer.llvm.org between the Available and Alpha checkers, as well as in the source code.

The ones I could not find description for:

  • apiModeling.google.GTest
  • core.DynamicTypePropagation
  • core.builtin.BuiltinFunctions
  • core.builtin.NoReturnFunctions
  • cplusplus.NewDeleteLeaks
  • cplusplus.SelfAssignment
  • llvm.Conventions
  • nullability.NullPassedToNonnull
  • nullability.NullReturnedFromNonnull
  • nullability.NullableDereferenced
  • nullability.NullablePassedToNonnull
  • nullability.NullableReturnedFromNonnull
  • optin.cplusplus.VirtualCall
  • optin.mpi.MPI-Checker
  • optin.osx.cocoa.localizability.EmptyLocalizationContextChecker
  • optin.osx.cocoa.localizability.NonLocalizedStringChecker
  • optin.performance.Padding
  • osx.NumberObjectConversion
  • osx.ObjCProperty
  • osx.cocoa.Dealloc
  • osx.cocoa.Loops
  • osx.cocoa.MissingSuperCall
  • osx.cocoa.NonNilReturnValue
  • osx.cocoa.ObjCGenerics
  • osx.cocoa.SuperDealloc
  • unix.StdCLibraryFunctions
  • unix.Vfork

Could you please tell me where I could find descriptions for these?

Best regards,

Hello Rafai,

you can take a look at the output of `clang -cc1 -analyzer-checker-help`.

28.06.2017 10:05, Rafai Norbert via cfe-dev пишет:

Hi Norbert,

Note that, there is an ongoing review to extend the available documentation: https://reviews.llvm.org/D33645

Feel free to review the changes and share your ideas.