Missing Visual Studio ABI feature using C++?

Hello everyone, after following the advice with the problem i have using the LLVM JIT with Clang, could come from a “missing Visual Studio C++ ABI feature”

Original reply:
“My guess is that you are hitting a VS C++ ABI missing feature in
Clang. Ask in the Clang mailing list for a confirmation, but IIRC there
are still missing pieces on either object construction/destrucion,
parameter passing, returning classes and C++ exception support.”

Here is my original message: http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/llvmdev/2012-July/051529.html

Thank you.

You may track, too;
Bug 12477 - [meta] Support Microsoft C++ ABI

Thank, so from what i'm seeing it isn't going to work until it's fixed... Could i use GCC with LLVM 3.1 to produce the bitcode and use it with the JIT while waiting that bug to be fixed?

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AFAIK, GCC also doesn't support targeting the Visual Studio C++ ABI. And
there's one thing you're doing — passing a non-POD class by value — that
requires LLVM support that doesn't yet exist.

You might have *slightly* better luck if you instead take that by reference,
but probably you'd be better off either (1) changing to a more C-like
interface or (2) figuring out a way to compile part of your host environment
using the Itanium ABI.