The document: refers to using utils/mkpatch.
However when using mkpatch it complains about directories no longer under version
control. Specifically directories lib/Debugger and win32 in mkpatch's source line:

svn diff -x -u >> "$NAME".patch.raw 2>&1 \
  autoconf docs utils include lib/System lib/Support lib/VMCore lib/AsmParser \
  lib/Bitcode lib/Analysis lib/Transforms lib/CodeGen lib/Target \
  lib/ExecutionEngine lib/Debugger lib/Linker \
  tools test unittests runtime projects examples win32 Xcode

are two of the culprits. Is mkpatch no longer used? Removing these entries seems
to fix the issue except I do not know what else is now required if mkpatch is out of
date and therefore no longer in use. I noticed like most diffs, new directories and
new files are not covered. Is there doc on how to submit such additions to the list
for review?


PS: I can submit a patch for mkpatch with the above references deleted if desired.

I think that removing mkpatch and the references make sense, svn diff is enough.