ML Framework and Compiler Engineer position at Fathom Radiant

[Job] Hi, a US-based hardware startup is looking for engineers to build together the infrastructure for safe AI! :flying_saucer:

Fathom Radiant is developing the next generation of low-latency & high-bandwidth optical fabriс that enables the creation of large and fast computing clusters with low power consumption.

The company’s ambition is to become the market leader in computational power for safe AI development, and they are funded by Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund, among many others!

Now they need an ML Framework and Compiler Engineerwho will optimize, maintain and adapt ML frameworks for different architectures. This requires a rare combination of expertise in both hardware and machine learning. Specifically, you need to have some experience with:

:small_orange_diamond: graph compiler development;

:small_orange_diamond: ML frameworks (PyTorch or TensorFlow);

:small_orange_diamond: contributed to compiler-related open-source projects (LLVM, MLIR is perfect!);

:small_orange_diamond: C++ (ideally 17) and algorithms.

:heart_on_fire: Optional - but it would be awesome if you have a solid understanding of distributed systems and experience in coding using CUDA, OpenCL, or OpenMP.

The position is fully remote, so you can work from anywhere in the world where there’s at least 2-3 hours overlap with Pacific Time. As for compensation, it’s $110k-$230k/year.

Please feel free to bring any questions and refer your friends to me at We also have referral bonuses for successful hires!