MLGO Meeting Friday, March 4th: Nadav Rotem, "Profile Guided Optimization without Profiles: A Machine Learning Approach"

Hello all,

heads up - at our next (March) meeting, Nadav Rotem graciously offered to present his very interesting work, “Profile Guided Optimization without Profiles: A Machine Learning Approach”.

This is March 4th, 8AM PST (details here)

Nadav Rotem is an Engineering director at Meta. He supports the teams that develop the native compilers (clang, rustc, lld, bolt) and high-performance libraries (jemalloc, zstd, folly) that drive the Facebook website. He previously led the Glow project (the compiler that runs PyTorch models on accelerators). In the past he worked on LLVM, where he built the vectorizers, and optimized code for x86. He also worked on Swift, Hermes, Webkit and other large scale systems in the domains of high-performance computing, compilers and machine learning.

A reminder that this talk is happening this Friday, March 4, at 8am PST. Details on how to join are here.