MLIR dialect names

Hi there:
I’m trying to make sense of MLIR Dialect names - SCF, Tosa etc. they don’t seem to be any commonly used ‘Google search’-able words. Could you point me to a list of dialect name abbreviations and their expansions ?
What does SCF, Tosa etc. mean ?

You could have a look at the in-tree dialects at:

SCF means structured control flow, i.e., you have ifs and for loops. In LLVM, you have to analyze branches to detect loops. SCF is at higher abstraction.

Tensor Operator Set Architecture (TOSA) Dialect. It is a dialect for , wait for it, tensors. There is even a specification for TOSA.

This is a good opportunity to realize how some dialects lack documentation :frowning:
Starting with SCF as an example, the dialect itself is not documented at all!

TOSA is documented after you scroll 30 pages down :frowning:

I don’t quite get what you mean? TOSA seems like rather fine to me: Tensor Operator Set Architecture (TOSA) Dialect - MLIR

I missed the TOC and scrolled down. :frowning:

There could be an abstract before the TOC.