MLIR for clang


This is a very big, long and complex task and if we don’t take it as a community project, the off tree project will bit rot before it can be merged. It has happened so many times before and will certainly happen again if we’re not careful.

Converting openmp and known library calls into memref and affine for would be super cool.


Hi Chris-

Can you add better memory disambiguation to the benefits? May be in terms of better memory dependency analysis OR better alias analysis.


If the flat CFG representation is only the first step, I'd be
interested in what what the end goal for representing
coroutines/if/while/do/for/switch statements would, especially in
combination with other statements such as


I’ve added notes about these Michael and Prashanth! Thanks!


Looking forward to your presentation.


Hi Michael (and others), here are the slides from the CGO presentation, please let us know if you have any questions!